Business Services

We partner with business owners and support their key stakeholders to maximise the value of their historical books of accounts and create forward looking financial analysis and planning scenarios to achieve financial compliance and allow owners to focus on strategy and growth.

Business Services:

  • Financial transaction bookkeeping; both historical and future,
  • Managing P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow forecasts throughout trading periods to achieve annual Budgets and Goals, and
  • Strategic planning to assist goal setting and long term financial objectives.


Julie's bookkeeping business is registered by the Australian Government's Tax Practitioners Board as a Registered BAS Agent (Registration No. 95560004).

30 years of helping businesses manage their most important financial concerns and having worked her whole life as a farmer in regional Australia, she is superbly qualified and passionate in doing what her clients most need.

Her business uses the latest in automated financial software solutions along with highly skilled support staff providing cost effective and efficient services with focus on data security & privacy.

Importantly, she processes and records financial transactions to:

  • create compliant Historical Financial Books of Accounts of a business
  • create and lodge authorised BAS and IAS Returns with the Australian Tax Office
  • undertake Payroll and Superannuation services and reporting
  • work with business owners and their key stakeholders to maximise the value of their historical books of accounts and create forward looking financial analysis and planning scenarios with Planning, Budgetary, Feasibility and Cash Flow Reports
  • develop and report key Financial Performance and Business Health Indicators for businesses so managers can constantly monitor and adapt to meet/exceed the market dynamics of our times
  • Integration of business specific data software systems with mainstay bookkeeping software to ensure valuable and timely data is leveraged for greatest benefit

Julie's extensive and diverse client portfolio ranging from farming and agriculture, construction, child care, IT (soft and hardware), health care, beverages, horticulture, aviation, community and more all equip her to quickly and effectively provide the leading edge financial business services a client needs.

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